Traditional Legal Services

When you hire an attorney for full representation, the attorney typically takes over the case, making decisions in all areas, in consultation with the client, of course. All communication with the other party goes through the attorney.

A different approach

In contrast to this traditional legal services model, unbundled legal services means that you decide, with the attorney, what tasks you want to do and what tasks you want or need the assistance of the attorney to accomplish.  For example, you might be comfortable representing yourself in court and communicating with the party or attorney on the other side, but you may find the legal documents overwhelming and want the attorney to help with reviewing and drafting documents.  If you are representing yourself in court, you may decide to have the attorney help you prepare for a hearing or trial.  Unbundled legal services may be as simple as an occasional consultation on a legal issue that you don’t understand. 

How do payments work?

With traditional legal services, attorneys require a retainer, which goes into a trust account and is used to pay for ongoing expenses in your case.  With unbundled legal services, you “pay as you go”, so you always know what the legal services are going to cost and you can maintain absolute control over your fees.  Because you will not have an attorney of record, typically you will communicate directly with the other side in your case, so you will not be paying an attorney to respond to phone calls or emails.  If the case becomes more complicated than you are comfortable with, we will refer you to one of the competent litigation attorneys at SK&H.