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Traditionally, litigants represent themselves or are represented by an attorney. LRS is designed to offer a third choice. Litigants remain in control of their case while working with an attorney who can help with tasks such as: reviewing or drafting documents, answering questions, doing legal research, and helping litigants prepare for hearings. The litigant pays the attorney only for the help they need at the time of service.

Unbundled legal services is a method of addressing a client’s legal needs in a limited capacity. You decide, with LRS, what tasks you want to do and what tasks you want the assistance of the attorney to accomplish. We help navigate the legal issues.

LRS provides unbundled legal services. Under the traditional model, a litigant has two choices when looking for legal help – hire a firm to handle the case or represent yourself. Unbundled services seeks to expand your options by giving you access to help with coaching you through the process, drafting specific legal documents, and addressing specific concerns. This helps to bridge the gap between figuring things out on your own or hiring someone who does everything for you. This option aims to help you stay in control of both cost and outcome wherever possible.