Legal Resolution Services

LRS was set up by the innovators at Stahancyk Kent and Hook to be a different kind of law office. Unlike most firms, we only work as mediators or alongside litigants who are handling their own case.

Unbundled Services

LRS provides unbundled services. Under the traditional model, a litigant has two choices when looking for legal help. The choice is between hiring a firm to handle the case or representing yourself.

The Third Choice

LRS is designed to offer a third choice. Litigants represent themselves, but with the coaching and support of an attorney whenever they want it. Litigants remain in control of their case while working with an attorney who can help with tasks such as: reviewing or drafting documents, answering questions, doing legal research, and helping litigants prepare for hearings. The litigant pays the attorney only for the help they need at the time of service.


LRS also offers mediation, allowing parties to try to work together. We can often help even if parties struggle to communicate with each other.


Some cases will require litigation. If the parties are not able to reach an agreement, it will be up to a judge to determine the outcome of the case. But litigation is by its very nature an oppositional experience. A couple facing divorce, separation, or custody issues each get their “side” ready, and recruit as many people and resources as they can to “fight” the other side. If there is any chance of the parties being able to work to a resolution through mediation it is worth trying.

How Mediation Helps

Mediation allows parties to attempt to resolve a case without forcing them to give up control of the outcome. Unlike trial, mediation only results in the resolution of a case if everyone agrees on the outcome. Mediation is also a good way for parties to limit the issues in litigation, allowing them to use their trial time to address only the issues there is no chance of settling.

Uncontested Divorce

The third service that LRS offers is support for parties who are needing a divorce, and are wanting support to make sure the paperwork is complete and all necessary steps have been taken. We can review or draft any documents needed by the parties.